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About SIRE360


Redefining excellence in web, logo, and graphic design, SIRE 360, LLC is a trusted partner that empowers businesses to captivate, inspire, and thrive. With integrity, expertise, and skill, we craft innovative visuals that leave a lasting impression, elevating brands to new heights.

Eddie Lewis
Certified Adobe Graphic Designer

After my introduction to the internet in 1996, I became absolutely intrigued by it's inner workings. I needed to know how it all worked. In just 4 short years, in 2000, I found myself building websites from scratch the old fashioned way... writing out HTML code by hand. As the technology improved, so did I. Graphics were all the rage in the early 2000's. Everyone wanted their site to be aesthetically pleasing. It didn't have to do anything, it just had to look good. That's when graphic design became my passion.

   Class after class after class, I quickly found that graphic design was my thing; more specifically, logo design. Over 20 years later I am an Adobe Certified Professional Graphic Designer.

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